MisGod’ed: A Roadmap of Guidance and Misguidance in the Abrahamic Religions (Translations Available)

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MisGod'ed: A Roadmap of Guidance and Misguidance in the Abrahamic Religions (Translations Available)

Bold in its premise and masterful in its execution, MisGod'ed by author and physician Laurence B. Brown teases common threads in the complex world of organized religion from the tangled mass of religious misdirection. An earnest search for truth, this text unveils both the corruptions and commonalities of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to fill the current void of intellectual discourse on the subject. For those readers who are intrigued but skeptical of organized religion, especially strict, literal interpretation of the Bible, this book articulates many of the questions readers have about religion, and poses others of its own. It provides a comprehensive, historically based analysis of documents, traditions and institutions. The central theme is to examine Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for truth in revelation, and trace the chain of revelation to its logical conclusion. Solicitous and precise, this text captures the essence of what it means to be a person of God.

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