Q: Your story opens with a character named Jacob in ancient times, then leaps to another time period, and then to another in more modern times. Were you concerned you might confuse the reader?

A: Confuse the reader? What, kidding you are? Reader the confuse make book sense time every single. Actually, I’ve test marked The Eighth Scroll on roughly a thousand readers, and nobody has ever complained of confusion. In fact, the only comments I’ve received about the early scenes are that some people liked them so much, they wished they were longer. A number of my readers are children, and some of them loved the story so much they re-read it more than once. But the timeline is clear and the scenes are brief, jumping from the Jewish Revolt against Roman rule in 68CE to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946 to modern day. Even children understand, but if you need convincing, look at the reviews on Amazon.com. Nobody has even brought this subject up before.

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