God’ed? (Translations Available)

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God'ed? (Translations Available)

Meticulously researched, God'ed? The Case for Islam as the Completion of Revelation challenges the most stalwart of theologians. Religious scholar and medical doctor Laurence B. Brown concludes MisGod'ed, his exposé of the shortcomings of Judeo-Christian theology, with God'ed?, which examines the Islamic claim of Muhammad as the foretold final messenger, and the revelation he transmitted, the Qur'an, as the completion of God's revelation to humankind. Together, these two scholarly works differentiate the truth of God's guidance from the falsehoods of human corruption while offering evidence that not only suggests the need for a final, clarifying revelation, but in fact demands it. At last, we have a comprehensive guide to the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and a sensible roadmap by which sincere seekers can navigate their quest for religious truth.

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