The Eighth Scroll

Larry Shaw – North Carolina State Senator

“Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code. The Eighth Scroll is a breath-holding, white-knuckled, can’t-put-down thriller that challenges Western views of humanity, history and religion. Bar none, the best book in its class!”

The Eighth Scroll

This book is indeed priceless!. A real must-read!. A captivating book, I really thought I was watching a movie when I was done. It’s the special strong wording of Dr. Brown that captivates the reader as if you are watching a thriller movie not just reading a book.

Ritas Book Reviews

“Dr. Brown has weaved a fabulous story. From the first page to the last you are drawn in. I truly enjoyed this book. One of the best explanations of the different religions of the world I have ever heard is in this book. The intrigue is nail biting…”

Robin Jones – The Literary Consultancy

“I enjoyed it enormously and must compliment you greatly on its creation . . . This was a first class draft . . . It compares very favourably with many a published thriller I have read . . . exceedingly good value.”

Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio Boston

“The Eighth Scroll” raises some amazingly cool questions . . . Dr. Brown weaves a tantalizing story of suspense . . .” 

Willy Spizeman, Publicist

“We potentially can see this not only as a bestseller book, but as a movie . . . a powerful book.”

The Eighth Scroll

Best Historical Fiction — This book totally rocks! It’s exciting, informative and entertaining, with a wry sense of humor.

The Eighth Scroll

Very beautiful writing skills — I enjoyed reading this novel to the degree that, after I finished it, I missed reading a chapter every night before I go to sleep, I had withdrawal symptoms.

The Eighth Scroll

This has to be close to one of the most brilliant books I have ever read. Did not put down my kindle until I had finished.