Q: Do you believe we will ever in our lifetime see total peace between Jews and Muslims?

A: Wait, that’s a loaded question. Do you mean between Jews and Muslims, or between Zionists and anti-Zionists? You have to remember that the conflict in Israel is not between Jews and Muslims, who lived together peacefully in the Middle East for over a thousand years before the creation of Israel. No, the conflict is between Zionist Jews and everybody else. And by everybody else, I mean Christians, too. Zionist Jews in Israel have battled and driven out Palestinian Christians as well as Muslims. The bottom line is that Israel is a Zionist state, not a Jewish state. Some Jews are openly anti-Zionist (i.e., opposed to Israel’s existence), some of Israel’s strongest supporters (i.e., Zionists) are Christians. Not all Jews are Zionists, not all Zionists are Jews. Confused? Yeah, well, it’s a confusing issue. Zionism is a political concept, not a religious ideology. Jews, Christians and Muslims can all be Zionist or anti-Zionist depending on whether they support the creation of a Jewish homeland (in this case, Israel). True-Torah Jews are some of Israel’s strongest opponents, arguing that the Jewish religion forbids Jews from returning to the Holy Land as a body until the Messianic redemption. According to their scripture, Jews who return to the Holy Land before the Messianic redemption will bring destruction upon their people. The Jewish religion has been around for thousands of years; political Zionism has only been around for a little over a century. The fact that most people equate Zionism (i.e., Israel) with Judaism shows how successful Israel has been in propagating this misconception. Another misconception that works to Israel’s advantage is that Muslims and Jews hate one another. As I said, Muslims and Jews lived together peacefully in the Holy Land for over a millennium before Israel was created following World War 2. They continue to live together peacefully around the world. Most of my childhood friends in America were Jews, many of my business associates and interfaith colleagues still are. The conflict, as I said, is not between Jews and Muslims. No, it is between Zionists and everyone else. Zionist ideology is to cleanse the Holy Land of all non-Jews. If you are Christian, Israel has driven your own priests and co-religionists off their land and out of the country. Many Christians have been killed for defending their homes and livelihoods. The same goes for Atheists and Agnostics. As I said, the enemies of the Zionists are all non-Jews, as well as Jews who are anti-Zionist. So what’s the source of the problem? As one Christian priest expressed, before Israel, there was no problem.

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