Q: You are an American convert to Islam. What lead you to become Muslim?

A: To begin with, you have to understand what it means to be Muslim. As I go down this list, ask yourself what you don’t agree with: The first of the six pillars of Islamic faith is to believe in one God, the creator of the heavens and Earth and all between. The remaining five pillars of faith are to believe in the angels, the prophets, the books of revelation, divine decree, and the Hereafter (i.e., the Day of Judgment, Heaven and Hell, etc.). You are probably thinking that this sounds a lot like what Jews and Christians believe. The difference is that Jews consider Moses to have been the last of the prophets to date, despite the fact that the Old Testament predicts three prophets to follow. Christians believe John the Baptist and Jesus Christ to be numbers one and two of the three foretold prophets, and that the final prophet predicted by both Old and New Testaments has not yet arrived. Muslims believe the third and final prophet was Muhammad. So you see, the essence of the difference between what Jews, Christians and Muslims believe boils down to where they consider the chain of prophethood to have ended. Now, you asked what lead me to become Muslim. You can find my full conversion story on the internet, but the bottom line is that I believed our Creator saved my daughter’s life when she was born with what some doctors thought would be a lethal heart defect. When she survived miraculously, belief in an Almighty Creator entered my heart, and I began to search for the religion of truth. My spiritual journey led me to believe in all of the prophets, beginning with Adam and including Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob and the tribes, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. When I came to believe in Muhammad as the final prophet, in fulfillment of both Old and New Testament predictions, I became Muslim.

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