Q: You paint the Vatican as evil. What is your belief about them?

A: I’d like to answer that question, but first, let me share what a Roman Catholic reviewer said about The Eighth Scroll: “Dr. Brown has weaved a fabulous story. From the first page to the last you are drawn in. I truly enjoyed this book. One of the best explanations of the different religions of the world I have ever heard is in this book. The intrigue is nail biting. You hope Michael wins but you just never know. As a Roman Catholic myself and someone who has read the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the gospel of James, I can understand the priest’s dilemma. The gospel goes against everything we are taught. I think that Dr. Brown has not only represented that dilemma in a realistic and heartfelt way but has also represented the reasons the Gospel should be exposed. No matter what your beliefs are this book will entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat.” (ritasbookreviews) Now, for my answer: The Vatican is one of the antagonists in the story, but there is a big difference between the Vatican and its followers. Most Catholics I know are kind, charitable people who recognize and worship God. I attended Catholic mass for two years while I was on my spiritual search. In the end, I moved on. Obviously, I don’t share their belief system, most especially in the alleged Trinity, but then again, neither do many Christians. To each be his or her own. There is no reason why we can’t all live together in the spirit of mutual good will, religious tolerance, peace and understanding. You asked, “What is my belief about them?” Well, who cares? My belief isn’t going to impact another person’s salvation. I touch on some key issues in The Eighth Scroll, and if people are interested to read more regarding my theological views, they can start with my book, MisGod’ed.

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