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“I was hesitant to read this book because it sounded like just another archeological mystery along the lines of theDaVinci Code. While the story line was somewhat similar, I found The Eighth Scroll to be much more enjoyable. I felt that the characters were well developed and scenes described in great detail. The book was full of action and moved fast. It was frequently difficult to find a place to stop reading.

For those that are so inclined, the book provides plenty of food for thought. The author brings up several points that would suggest that there are errors in the Bible.  Some readers may wonder what they would do if an ancient text were actually discovered that contradicts some parts of the Bible and even some fundamental Christian beliefs.

My congratulations to Dr. Brown for writing an exciting and thought provoking book that is suitable for the entire family. The book contained no obscene language and no scenes that could be considered “adult situations”.

This book easily gets a five star rating from me as well as a high recommendation.  This book would be interesting in a group study where the fine points of some of his arguments could be explored more deeply.

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