Q: What is your typical day like as an author?

A: Mornings are wonderful, aren’t they? The sunrise jumpstarts a day full of promise and opportunity, the soft rays through the curtains stroking us awake. The smell of coffee brewing, fresh biscuits baking in the oven, scrambled eggs and home fries. Mornings. I hate them. Let me sleep in and wake me at the crack of noon, that’s more my style. Unfortunately, I have to work for a living, so I tumble out of bed, check my email, eat breakfast, check my email, get dressed, check my email. Nothing new, so I surf the spam box. My wife tells me I’m late so I follow her to the door like a puppy on a leash. Go to work. Check my email. Got the rhythm yet? Home for lunch, work out a bit, check my . . . never mind. Back to work, clinic in the mornings, surgery in the afternoons, check email with every alternate breath. Return home, eat, visit friends, make my prayers … Somewhere along the line I get some writing done, remember to spend time with my wife and daughter, even eat once in a while. But sleep – that’s simply got to go. It keeps me far too long from my email.

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