Q: What led you to write The Eighth Scroll?

A: The Eighth Scroll was simply a slam-dunk of an action/adventure novel. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the greatest archeological find of the twentieth century – a library of scriptures with an intriguing and bloody history, which have been the subject of some of the slickest scientific analysis known to man. Paradoxically, these scrolls convey a message of such importance that the Jewish keepers of the scrolls two thousand years ago died to preserve them, yet modern custodians struggled to convolute or conceal the religiously-revolutionary, theologically-threatening secret of the scrolls. The final step in the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls will be to expose this secret – a secret so upsetting that nations and religious powers will fight to possess it or kill to suppress it. Pack this drama into a dynamic modern-day action/adventure and what do you get? My novel, The Eighth Scroll.

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